Hey, this is Drawings into Reality Ep5- in this video we're gonna see & learn how to realistify some of the famous Avengers characters in adobe photoshop. Those characters are: 1. #IronMan 2. #Hulk 3. #Groot. About⇢ #TheAvengers

Marvel's The Avengers or simply The Avengers, is an American superhero film or movie based on the Marvel Comics superhero team. Below is the list of all marvel comics characters: ▸ Captain America ▸ Spiderman ▸ Thanos ▸ Thor ▸ Black Widow ▸ Iron man ▸ Hulk ▸ Groot ▸ Wanda Maximoff ▸ Deadpool ▸ Wolverine ▸ Loki ▸ Quicksilver ▸ Clint Barton ▸ Black Panther ▸ Magneto ▸ Ghost Rider ▸ Wonderman ▸ Nick Fury ▸ Ant-Man ▸ Gamora ▸ Jean Grey ▸ She-Hulk ▸ Star-Lord ▸ Matt Murdock ▸ Cable ▸ Juggemaut ▸ Professor X ▸ Reed RIchards ▸ Ben Grimm ▸ War Machine ▸ X-23 ▸ Cyclops ▸ Storm ▸ Rogue ▸ Human Torch ▸ Apocalypse ▸ Drax the Destroyer ▸ Mystique ▸ Gambit ▸ Mary Jane Watson ▸ Wasp ▸ Beast ▸ Susan Storm ▸ Luke Cage ▸ Rocket Raccoon ▸ Iron Fist ▸ Phil Coulson ▸ Thunderbold Ross ▸ Sabretooth ▸ Iceman HOPE I DIN'T MISS ANY 😁 DID I ? Let me know in the comments so that i can add here. ________________________________________ Some of your Frequently Asked Question's Answers below: Can i realistify any drawing❓ - I don't know if i can but i don't wanna say that i can't yeah because that's what i'm good at so i can give a try buddy. 😀 Why do i show things in speed, i don't understand how you do it exactly❓ - I'm sure you don't understand if you're a beginner or a newbie. But if you know photoshop good you just need a reference to understand what i did. And i show things in time lapse because it's a good way you know. Otherwise, it'll be the long movie then. Hope you get it. 😗

Download the final edited photos- (with or without background)

1. Iron man(with background)

1. Iron man(PNG background)

2. Hulk(with background)

2. Hulk(PNG background)

3. Groot(with background)

3. Groot(PNG background)

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