Hey guys, today's video is the Episode 2 of IPL 2021 T20 Series. In this video i predicted Chennai Super King(CSK) as the next match winner against Sunrisers Hyderabad(SRH). Don't bet on my account, i predict things weirdly. LOL #IPL2021 #CSKvsSRH #photoshop Some of your Frequently Asked Question's Answers below: Can i make anything using photoshop❓ - I don't know guys i just make things i imagine and actually most of my imagination or ideas comes when i started creating stuff. It's all like connecting dots. Why do i photoshop, do i like it❓ - Ahh, that a nice question. And i can say yeah i like photoshopping. But the one major thing that i don't like about photoshopping is sitting most of the time. And i like moving, i wanna move. So i can't say it's gonna be my main goal but right now it's kind of fun.

Download the final edited photos below

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