This video is gonna be lit, A LITTLE BIT. I this video, i made & predicted Delhi Capitals(DC) as today's IPL T20 Cricket match winner against Punjab Kings(PBKS). DON'T TAKE ME SERIOUSLY. It's just for fun, lol. #IPL2021 #PBKSvsDC #photoshop Some of your Frequently Asked Question's Answers below: Is it easy the way that i showed in the video❓ - Yes, of course. It was really easy for me to make this. Just cutting out all the guys took more than half of my time then it seems easy to me till the end. Maybe i wasn't the same for you guys because you must have not the good knowledge of photoshop. But it'll look easy to any good photoshopper. Why am i creating the individual poster for all the ipl, i can also show all the team posters in just a video or two❓ - I wanted to do that but because of some problems like having an old mac and it's speed is an issue for me. When i finish recording one of my video, it approx. takes the storage of 1 GB minimum sometimes more than that and when i record 2-3 for single video My FCPx keeps crashing and freezes a lot Increases my time of editing and many other things. So one video at a time keeps me up to date to my social media's or youtube. That's the reason, when i got a new system. i wanna do that 3 in one stuff. Hope you get it.

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