Hey guys, Indian Premiere League(IPL) is now postponed to some other date because of Covid. So now i'm not gonna weirdly predict who's gonna win but still i wanna create all 8 IPL Teams Poster. It'll be EASY and SIMPLE. #PunjabKings #photoshop #IPL2021 Some of your Frequently Asked Question's Answers below: Can i use any other software to do the same❓ - Ahh, maybe or maybe not. Photoshop is the industry standard photo editing software and as far as i know, no other software is out there with full of good and advance tools. Where do i get the ideas from❓ - From nowhere, actually i just start working sometimes with the small idea or sometimes with no idea. I just start and then keep on getting ideas and just like that. _____________________ If you guys like this video, you can Subscribe by clicking on that tomato like button and make sure to hit the Bell Icon to get updates of all new upcoming future videos. You can also SHARE this video, woohoo and if you want me to make more creative videos just Comment Down_ DoMoreEdit

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