Today i made an ALIEN INVADER artwork using photoshop, using the same image i also used After Effects to transform the same photo to 3D video. #photoshop #SomethingGloriousEp4 #artwork
Some of your Frequently Asked Question's Answers below: How i transformed the Photo to 3D❓ - Actually it was not that hard, as i used the Photoshop to create the artwork so i just exported a couple of photos and imported them in After Effects then i converted the 2D layers into 3D and placed the photos into Where do i get ideas to make these type of artworks❓ - For the beginners, it must be very wow thing but when you know the photoshop good all you need is to think of ideas and that's it. Most of the time ideas are not very clear in the beginning but then i start and everything get's clear as i move forward.

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