I realistified the drawing that one of you guys sent to me. Hi i am owais and i know a little bit about photoshop so whenever i open it, most of the time i just end up creating something nice these days. Anyways today i edited a cute monster looking thing i guess, yeah. So i showed how i actually made what i made and i hope you'll like it, at least a little bit. #realistified #photoshop #DrawingsIntoRealityEp6 ⇢ Total number of layers used: 197 ⇢ Number of adjustment layers: 67 ⇢ Number of photos: 25 ⇢TIME TAKEN: 5 hours Some of your Frequently Asked Question's Answers below: It seems so simple to watch but when i start doing i don't know where to start and how to make it done❓ - Haha, it means you're a beginner or you're using photoshop but not learning it. You know what, when i saw someone sent me this drawing i didn't know how to make it but i surely knew that i can make it anyway. It is what it is you know, at the end of the day i end up creating what i wanna create that's it.

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