Hi this is Episode 6 of Something Glorious. In this series of episodes i photoshop my imaginations into reality and end up creating something worth looking at least once. Today i created an End of Dinosaurs artwork. Do you think it's nice or not? let me know in the comments. #EndOfDinosaurs #photoshop #SomethingGloriousEp6 ⇢ Total number of layers used: 45 ⇢ Number of adjustment layers: 15 ⇢ Number of photos: 13 ⇢TIME TAKEN: 4 hours Some of your Frequently Asked Question's Answers below: If it takes only a few hours to create one of these type of artworks, why do i take around a week to post one video❓ - It takes time on post editing. Because these days when i create something glorious episodes i also give time to transform that 2d photo into a 3d video, that also takes time and so on and on.

Download the final edited photos:

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