#EditingYourPhoto #howtoedit #photoshopart I was thinkin' of doing something using photoshop and one of you guys sent me your photo and i instantly liked the pose and got an idea to do something crazy with that and here it is. Did you like it?? just comment comment comment down and let me know. Simply watch the part you're interested in: 0:00 Intro 0:20 Let's get STARTED 3:12 Photo to 3D 3:21 It's DONE (Outro) ⇢ Total number of layers used: 95 ⇢ Number of adjustment layers: 34 ⇢ Number of photos: 16 ⇢TIME TAKEN: 4.5 hours Some of your Frequently Asked Question's Answers below: You could've also use other things in the background, it's not perfect❓ - Yeah i could but at the moment i just had this idea. Lol, i''m no perfect either.

Tags: Something Epic

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