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Hi, it's sad to say but i've to say it that this is my last video of DIR. From now on, i'm not gonna do any further episodes of DIR. If any of you guys wondering why then my answer is that i wanna move on to something else. I'm sorry, now you can stop sending me your drawings.
Simply watch the part you're interested in: 0:00 Intro 0:14 Let's Edit Your Drawing 3:29 Make Background 3:41 It's DONE (Outro)
⇢ Total number of layers used: 146 ⇢ Number of adjustment layers: 68 ⇢ Number of photos: 14 ⇢TIME TAKEN: Around 6 hours Visit the BLOG: https://www.editorofficial.in/2021/10/watch-how-i-edited-your-photo-in.html
Some of your Frequently Asked Question's Answers below:
Where do you get the ideas for using the textures and all that background stuff❓
- I don't get the full idea of doing these things, i just get like some in the starting, some in the middle of making and finally at the last of the video sometimes. I work like this most of the time. For the textures and the background ideas, there's no need to think much. I look at the drawing and see if it belongs to the creature, nature, space or anything, then i look for the type of texture it has in reality and try doing my best. It is what it is.

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